Saturday, 16 July 2011

Me in my Moleskin - Pages 6 and 7

These pages are all about my mind, which I found quite difficult to do.  What is going through my mind on a good day?  What is going through my mind on a bad day?  This page was especially difficult, as I'm naturally a happy person and don't have many down days at all.

Kirsty's instructions said to use book print along the top of the pages, but I've used some Tim Holtz Tissue Tape, just to add another dimension/element into my pages.

My page about my mind on a bad day!  The thing I think I fear the most is dying and leaving my family behind to cope without me, which I know they would do!  When I'm completing my full journalling on the tag in the pocket, I will be totally honest and write this down, as this is what this journal is all about.  My next page is more light hearted, honest!

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  1. Like the tissue tape across the top - another 2 cool pages :)