Saturday, 26 October 2013

How to applique for Scrapbook Layouts...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog!  This post is all about applique for your Scrapbook layouts, as it's slightly different from normal appliqué.  It really is easy and quick, just follow my steps below.

First of all, find a pattern for your applique.  I looked online and there were lots of free patterns to choose from.  

Cut out the pattern, then using the pattern cut out material pieces and felt pieces.  I used white felt, as this complimented the colours I was using.  You're left with all the pieces cut out in material and in felt, as shown below.

The next step is to sew the material pieces and felt pieces together.  You can either complete this on a sewing machine, so it's quite neat, or you can complete this by hand.  I chose to complete this by hand, as I wanted a more hand finished look.

Don't just sew around the edges, sew in the middle of your pattern too.  This gives the pieces the appliqued look.  I also then cut out a felt circle for the middle of my flower.

The next step I took was to glue my pattern together with a good wet glue, as shown below.  I used Stampin' Up!'s Tombow glue, which was really good and held the material together well.

The final step was to sew around the middle circle of the flower, making sure that you catch the edge of all the petals.  Not only did it give the middle of my flower the applique look, but also held the flower together ready to be glued onto my layout.  I had to throw my needle away afterwards, as I hadn't let the glue fully dry.  I'd advise you to wait until your applique is fully dry before sewing it together.

When attaching your applique to your Scrapbook Layout, again use a good wet glue.  This will adhere the felt securely to the patterned paper.  That's all there really is to appliquéing on your Scrapbook layouts!

If you try appliqueing on your layout, I'd love to see it!  Please e mail me a picture, by clicking on my Contact Me button!

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