Friday, 9 September 2011

Back to School for James.......

James went back to School this week, to a school with a new name.  James's school has merged with another School, so the name and logo of the school has changed!  I'd ordered James a new School blazer, but the whole school went to a local Football Stadium today for an official opening ceremony and all the students were given their new school tie!

James in his new uniform.  I thought he looked smart, but like any nearly teenager, he had his own opinion, which differed from mine, sigh.....

Emily was proud of her big brother in his new school uniform!  Just Emily to go now!  She starts Primary school on Monday 12th September, and we had her home/school visit.  I did ask her teacher if we could board her at school until she's 18, but alas, they said no!


  1. I reckon they got a cheap job lot of school ties Sam....the old colours were much better!!